World Values Day: Time To Act On Your Values

More often than not it’ll be because you value the things you care about.

– Mad about racism? Maybe you value justice.
– Mad about poverty? Maybe you value community.
– Mad about climate change? Maybe you value honesty.

Wherever you look, there’s more than one value shaping the way you see and feel about things and, more often than not, the values you hold will be shared by the people around you too.

They’re the one thing that can cross political divides, boardrooms, continents. They’re beyond powerful when they’re put into action.

We’ve been working on World Values Day for the past 5 years, and every year we’ve become more certain of the power that values have over our lives and the kind of future we’re trying to build.

Without them, we’re at the mercy of capitalism and algorithms and the opportunistic greed of a small group of people who are thoroughly morally corrupt.

But with them, together, we can change the world.

So, we have one ask of you, and it really isn’t much.

Get October the 15th in your diaries, and show up online to demonstrate just how you’re putting your values into action using the #WorldValuesDay hashtag.

Whatever it is: compassion, hope, love, family, courage.

Write it down. Do something with it. Change the world for the better and inspire other people to do something too. Because on our own everything can feel too much, but together we are the most powerful force on earth.

Find out more about World Values Day via their website, or you can find them here: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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