We’re proud to launch our new art activism initiative Print To Power to galvanise support for the NHS nurse strikes and raise money for the RCN’s Strike Fund.


We exist to design and activate creative campaigns that inspire action to build a better world.

And like most people in the UK, the NHS holds a very special place in our heart. It’s distressing that nurses are increasingly having to rely on food banks to get by. Rishi Sunak should be offering fair pay and better working conditions. Claps don’t pay the bills.

As part of the Print To Power: Support The NHS Strikes campaign, we’ve commissioned a group of four brilliant creatives; Marylou Faure, Holy Moly, Darren Cullen (AKA Spelling Mistakes Costs Lives) and If Not Now in-house designer Daniel Jennings, to design a poster to promote support for striking nurses. 

Bringing art and activism together, this is our way for the public to help support the NHS and nurse strikes in a practical way. To stand in solidarity with nursing staff, the high-quality prints can be purchased from an online shop to be put up in windows and homes. 100% of the profits will be donated to the RCN Strike Fund. 

They’ve cared for us. It’s time we cared for them.



The RCN has opened a strike fund for people to donate towards to financially support nursing staff on strike. 100% of profits from our online shop will be donated to this fund. 

The NHS – nursing in particular – has faced decades of underinvestment and the workforce is facing extreme pressures. Urgent action is needed to tackle staffing pressures, sickness, burnout and a growing backlog of undelivered care.

The RCN (Royal College of Nursing) has received their biggest ever strike ballot, showing record numbers of nursing staff prepared to join picket lines this winter, making this a defining moment in our history.

But during strikes, nursing staff forfeit a day’s wage for each day of action they take part in.

To protect them from the financial impact of this fight for patient safety, the RCN has opened a Strike Fund so members of the public can show their support for nursing strike action by donating to the fund. 

This is your chance to help support nurse strikes in a practical way, whilst also receiving a beautiful print you can hang proudly in your home.

Our nurses have cared for us. It’s time we cared for them.