When it comes to age and gender, young women are the least likely group to use their vote.

#SHEvotes was a campaign solely dedicated to encouraging women under the age of 30 to vote, using a brandless platform to inspire and share creative acts, artwork and words of encouragement with young women all around the UK.

Together with Collectively and The Comms Lab, we helped #SHEvotes return from its 2017 debut for a 2019 showdown against the status-quo.

When it comes to age and gender, young women are one of the least likely groups to use their vote. This is bad, not only because it means a whole section of society has a muted political voice, but also because young women tend to be the most progressive, most inclusive voters. 

From social change to climate change, women lead the way on decisive, powerful action towards a better future. Ensuring that the voices of young women were heard in the 2019 General Election was vital.


We had less than two weeks to engage young women in the General Election, especially those outside the political bubble.


In the 2019 General Election, we saw…

The highest young female voters on record.

Female turnout was higher than male turnout for 18-24yr olds.

The highest number of women MPs elected.


And in just two weeks of campaigning, we saw…

The #SHEvotes hashtag received a huge 77 million potential reach on Twitter alone.

#SHEvotes was shared by the likes of Emma Watson, Gemma Styles, Daisy Lowe and many more.

Twitter and Instagram grew by over 5,000 new followers.

We saw hundreds of new #SHEvotes artwork created and shared by women across the country.

In the end we saw young women vote overwhelmingly for parties with more progressive policies; visibly rejecting the conservative ideologies that have been responsible for so much suffering over the past decade and beyond.

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