Regardless of how we voted in the EU referendum, we were motivated to fight for young peoples interests. 

An initial group of 30 young people from different backgrounds came together in the wake of the EU referendum. Between them, they voted Remain, Leave or didn’t vote at all (some were under 18). 

The idea foUndivided was simple: to crowdsource the undivided demands of young people across the UK for Brexit. Using their specially-created platform, Undivided gathered views of over 1 million young people nationwide to create a set of demands that represent what young people want from post-Brexit Britain. They will then take the top ten demands to the negotiating table, to ensure young people’s voices are heard.


To keep a consistently neutral voice and approach throughout the short campaign in order to engage with people from all backgrounds (no matter how they voted in the EU referendum).

The social channels had to provide a safe and inspirational digital platform for young people to engage in conversations in response to Brexit in order to drive young people to the website to submit their demands.


Online discussion and debate dramatically increased on the channels amongst 13-29 year olds.

We achieved a staggering average of 65% social media traffic referral to the website from social. For a campaign that wasn’t exclusively social media, this result is unprecedented.

The campaign received over 273,000 votes from young people via the website.

A long list of Influencers shared and verbally supported the campaign, from youth organisations, politicians (CHUKA UMUNNA and ROBIN WALKER) to celebrities (RICK EDWARDS, OWEN JONES and DEBORAH MEADEN).

The campaign reached almost 9 million 13-29 year olds on social alone.

The channels received a total of 150,000 key engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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