The media surrounding Brexit was dominated by ‘men in suits’ and negative arguments – and we wanted to change that.

We Are Europe is a collective of friends, artists, campaigners and creatives that campaigned to Remain in the EU Referendum, with influencers including Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Porritt part of the Board.

 If Not Now took on the full-time role of Community Manager to get We Are Europe’s message as far and wide before voting day.


We only had two months to engage young people in the EU referendum and encourage them to register to vote, all on a limited budget.


We saw a far higher average youth turnout to the polling stations.

Online discussion dramatically increased within the 18-35 age bracket throughout the campaign.

We Are Europe reached a staggering 10.5 million people.

The campaign hashtag #InFor was captured 11,750 times on social media.

One of our strongest campaigns, the hugely popular ‘Kiss of Death’ mural went viral within hours. The mural (painted in Stokes Croft, Bristol) was shared around the globe and was featured on all UK national media including BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, going as far as CNN in the US.

We had celebrities including KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, LILY COLE and BIG NARSTIE wanting to feature in our ‘Don’t Fuck My Future’ campaign – 5-second videos that encourage young people to register to vote.

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We Are Europe
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