Air pollution kills 64,000 people in the UK every year, yet the Government provides annual fossil fuel subsidies of £10.5 billion.

We need to account for the true costs of fossil fuel pollution. That’s why The Zero Carbon Campaign are campaigning for the Government to put a proper price on pollution, that spreads the costs of decarbonisation more fairly across our society. To achieve this, we needed demonstrate a critical mass of public support in favour of carbon pricing policy change.


We ran a digital-first public engagement campaign to drive 100,000+ members of the public to sign a petition to introduce a carbon charge, which would then trigger a debate in Parliament ahead of COP26. 

We worked with influencers, green-sector partners, celebrities and one very determined 11 year old climate activist to educate the various audiences about what carbon pricing was and why it matters, before mobilising them to act. 

If Not Now managed the digital campaign, including:

Paid advertising delivered through owned and partner accounts.

Celebrity and Influencer partnerships Artist partnerships including mural and poster campaigns and city takeovers.

Content creation and distribution featuring graphics and videos.

Social media management.


108,000 petition signatures (8% above KPI).

Awarded Campaign of The Year at the BusinessGreen Awards.

We secured and managed content partnerships with Chris Packham, Russell Brand, Dr Amir Khan, Mikaela Loach, Gina Martin, Alice Aedy, Earthrise studio, Josephine Becker, Danielle Sams, Daniel Foxx.

We secured and managed creative partnerships with established artists including Anthony Burrill, Owen Davey, Holy Moly, David Milan, Amelia Flower, Nikki Miles, Katie Smith, Tolmeia Gregory and more.

Over 10,000 followers across all social channels (70% above KPI).


A debate in Parliament secured ahead of COP26.

A Government commitment towards re-balancing carbon costs across electricity and gas.

A tentative commitment towards exploring the role that Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms can play in facilitating the Net Zero transition.

A Government commitment towards strengthening and extending carbon pricing across more of the UK economy.

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Environmental Campaign
Strategy, Branding, Web Development, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Social Advertising, Social Media Management, Reporting and Analytics

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