Let Women Lead – International Women’s Day 2021, and #SHEChangesClimate

Today is International Women’s Day, and it’s a big one for us.

With the theme of #ChooseToChallenge, we are feeling particularly emboldened as we regularly work on projects and campaigns dedicated to challenging the status quo in the pursuit of a better world, and a better future.

This year we’ve been working with SHE Changes Climate to help achieve a balance of representation at the very top levels of COP26. That means a 50:50 split of men and women leading it and a dedication to making those appointments representative of the UK in all its diversity.

Without leadership that truly represents us, and without the voices that need to be heard at the table, we not only miss out on opportunities to find solutions that work for everyone, but we also lose out on innovative, experienced and pioneering perspectives that are absolutely necessary to make a success of responding to the climate crisis.

To put it simply, when women lead equally, in all their diversity, a better future is not only possible, it’s literally guaranteed.

Join us in holding Alok Sharma to his promise of making COP26 the success it needs to be by following SHE Changes Climate on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and sharing the ready-made posts and graphics linked here.

Together we are powerful, but it’s action that makes the difference. This isn’t just for you and the women in your lives, it’s for every woman around the world.

Happy IWD!

The If Not Now Team

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