We’re closing our office for a week



Before we get into why we’re taking a break, we recognise how incredibly lucky we are to have been able to continue our work over the past 18 months. We genuinely love what we do and to be as busy as we have been is a privilege, one that we’re extremely grateful for.


But we have been working relentlessly throughout the pandemic. We’re hugely proud of what we have achieved and now it’s time for a short break, which is why we’re closing our office for a week from 21st June.


As If Not Now is a digital activism agency – clients come to us with some pretty complex challenges; from calling on the UK Government to urgently introduce more women into the COP26 UK Leadership Team, petitioning for a new carbon tax policy for the UK’s biggest polluters, to encouraging world leaders to double their financial investment in water access, sanitation & hygiene in the world’s poorest countries in response to COVID. It’s insanely exciting and fulfilling – and every day requires us to be on our best form.


But in order for us to keep fighting the good fight, we need to keep ourselves healthy, happy and inspired to keep striving to the make the world a little less shit.


We care deeply about the planet and the people living on it. And that’s what makes our job so bloody wonderful; working with like-minded people who have the same dreams and vision; who want to protect and respect our world.


But there’s also the darker side to activism.


While trying to make the world the best place it can be, we also see the worst of it.


And it’s easy to fall into the trap that if we don’t show up, then the cause will suffer. But this problem isn’t solved by working yourself harder. If we don’t care for ourselves, how can we care for others?


We understand the power of rest. So we’ll be back at our desks from 28th June feeling refreshed,  inspired and ready to get stuck in.


Lastly, a huge thank you and well done to everyone working in the social and climate space. We see you and appreciate you, and remember to look after yourselves.

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