Is this the end of UK democracy?

We take to the streets to protest, something that may not be possible for much longer. Here’s why.

Remember the #KillTheBill protests back in the summer against government plans to restrict the right to protest and take away freedoms from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities? Well, it’s now SO much worse.

We are on the brink of the UK becoming an authoritarian police state, and this is not a fucking exaggeration.

The police, crime, sentencing and courts bill has been described by various human rights groups as a serious threat to democracy. It was already stuffed full of legislation intended to criminalise protest and intimidate campaigners. Now the bill is back in parliament – and it’s looking even worse.

Last minute amendments have been made, and now it’s trying to be rushed through without proper scrutiny.

Under the updated proposed bill, people could soon be:

Banned from using the internet to organise protests

Banned from attending protests with or WITHOUT a criminal conviction.

Banned from protesting outside train stations, airports or oil refineries.

Searched without grounds for suspicion.

Arrested & Imprisoned for 51 weeks if they refuse to be searched

Arrested and sentenced to 51 weeks in prison for obstructing roads, blocking printing presses and other ‘key infrastructure’.

Arrested and sentenced to 51 weeks in prison for locking on’, basically attaching themselves to another person, an object, or to attach an object to another object during a protest

…and that list isn’t complete.

What makes this bill SO incredibly dangerous, is that the wording is vague enough so as to be applied to pretty much any protest, which is utterly incompatible with a democracy.Make no mistake, this is not just an attack on the likes of Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, though this narrative is being used to gain public support for the bill.

This is an attack on people. Whatever it is that might drive someone to peacefully exercise their democratic rights, it doesn’t matter, you could end up in prison for doing so.

We believe the government are doing this because they know exactly what’s coming. They know that we will only see more civil unrest over the coming years as the climate crisis worsens and associated impacts such as the refugee crisis, food shortages, wars, floods, droughts and economic crashes become increasing common.T

his bill is what fascism looks like, not in history but in the present moment. We look back at the rise of fascist regimes and we ask why people didn’t do something? Why did they just go along with it? Well we may be about to find that out for ourselves.

Unless we fight back.

We can still stop this from happening, we can still save the democracy in the UK, but we need to start making some noise.

So let’s talk to people, let’s email our MPs, let’s post on social media and LET’S TAKE TO THE STREETS.

:date: TODAY, WED 8 DEC 5-7pm
:round_pushpin:House of Lords, Victoria Tower Gardens, Millbank, London SW1P 3JAWe hope to see you there.

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