Three Things to Do Now Boris Johnson is PM

Remember this mural? We have it up in our office to remind us every day of the kind of world we are fighting to build, and what one we want to avoid.

As said by the wonderful Caroline Lucas, “we are living in uncertain, even dangerous, times.” The divisions in our country are deep, our position in the world is unstable and the climate crisis looms ever more presently over us.

But we must remain strong and find light and direction to guide us towards a better future. We are not powerless and we are not alone. Here are three suggestions on what to do in the wake of Boris Johnson becoming the new prime minister for the United Kingdom.

1. Think about what you hold dear, what values you use to guide you and the people you love. Any choices you make from now on can be guided by them.

2. Register to vote. Boris is not elected by the people, only his party. If you want him replaced democratically then make sure you’re prepared to vote in line with your values in the next general election.

3. Join the rebellion events and strikes starting this September. The pressure is on to make huge changes in the next ten years. It’s up to us to make any, and all governments recognise that.

Regardless of what the world looks like at the moment, a better world is possible and we can make sure it’s built together.

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