Do we have a Hope in Hell?

We have time, but we soon won’t. We have a decade to confront the climate emergency.

We are honoured to be working with the legendary environmentalist Jonathon Porritt, on the release of his brand new book Hope in Hell, which is available to order from today. It’s a must-read, and we’re not just saying that because we’re working with the author. Here’s why…

In his book Hope in Hell, Jonathon says, in no uncertain terms, that if we don’t do what’s needed in the next 10 years, then we’re screwed. But we do still have time to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.


So, what’s needed?

Well, loads, and it’s all in the book, but what really stood out for us, and what we’re sure will for many, is that Jonathon, an extremely well-respected campaigner and author who has worked for decades with Government and large corporations to push through the change that’s needed, working ‘on the inside’ so to speak, now states that we are absolutely not going to achieve what we need to without widespread, peaceful, civil disobedience through direct action. Yes, that’s right. Expect to see Jonathon Porritt on the streets.

The important thing to remember is that whilst the change needed may not be possible without it, it is possible with civil disobedience, and there are so many people and organisations that are giving us hope at this pivotal time in our history. As part of the launch of this timely book we are encouraging you to show your appreciation for those giving you hope whether that’s Greta Thunberg, Extiction Rebellion or a young climate activist you happened to have spoken with in the last year. Simply post to social media tagging the three people or organisations you feel are giving us a #HopeinHell of tackling the climate emergency, let’s spread the love!


The reason we are so thrilled to be working on the release of #HopeinHell is that we completely support the call for peaceful civil disobedience. Back at the start of 2020, we wrote a blog titled 2020: Year of Action, Decade of Change, in which we said “We’re not keen on making predictions, but if the last few years are anything to go by, we’re looking at a hell of a decade ahead. Brace ya’selves!”.

Well, less than 6 months on from that and just look at where we are. A global pandemic, ground temperatures of 45degrees Celsius in the Arctic, widespread Black Lives Matter protests demanding social justice, not to mention the shamefully under-reported, climate-induced Cyclone Amphan that recently devastated parts of Bangladesh.

In the intro to #HopeinHell, Jonathon Porritt writes “The 2020s will indeed be the decisive decade in addressing today’s Climate Emergency. We now know that 2021 will be the decisive year.” He says this in relation to Covid-19, because how we choose to recover from this current crisis will be make-or-break for the climate movement. It could help trigger the most spectacular transformation the world has ever seen and deliver us a future that we hadn’t dared to dream of, or it could condemn us to the unthinkable reality of climate breakdown. The stakes have never been higher.


So, do we have a ‘Hope in Hell’ of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change? Yes, we do. We can do this, but it will take all of us, and we don’t just mean changing our lifestyles. We must change society, and this requires a movement that addresses both the social and environmental injustices our world faces because, without social justice, there will be no climate justice.

We must do everything we can to hold our governments and corporations to account. This means that we must all up our game.

So please, read this book, help spread the word on social media with #HopeinHell and plan what the next decade looks like for you.

We’ve got this, but the time is now. Because if not now, when?

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