How Community Energy is the antidote to corporate greed and the climate crisis

Social injustice is inextricably linked with the climate crisis. In developing nations,  we see people responsible for the least emissions of greenhouse gases suffering the worst impacts of climate breakdown.

In countries across the world, we’re also seeing the wealth gap widen to such an extent that billionaires and corporations are not only becoming wealthier at record pace, but their growing influence on national and international government policy is alarming.

Here in the UK, fossil fuel corporations are permitted to offset investment in new drilling sites against windshore taxes, while renewable energy projects have access to no such loophole.

Equally, at the same time as energy prices are forcing people to decide between eating or heating their homes, corporations like Shell and BP are recording record profits and handing out whopping great dividends to their wealthy shareholders.

Pretty dispiriting, right?

Thankfully, we have community energy to offer us a bit of hope.

Community energy provides a way for people to take tangible action on the climate crisis and is the perfect antidote to corporate greed. The model involves the coming together of everyday people to fund clean energy projects, with the electricity produced being sold on at a heavily discounted rate. The host sites, which often include places like community centres, theatres, events venues and local businesses, can then redirect the funds they’ve saved to their core mission – benefiting the community.

Many community energy organisations also redirect excess profits to community projects, such as climate action plans, building efficiency measures or educational programmes and much more.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked on successful share offers with three different clients – Gower Power, Bath & West Community Energy and Bristol Energy Cooperative. We’re proud to have helped our clients collectively raise an incredible £5.6 million (and counting!) and we’re keen to help others in the sector fulfill their ambition too.

Our work for clients has included full strategic consultation, from website and organisational rebrand, to content creation, social media management, paid influencer management and paid social media advertising.

With Community Energy Fortnight running from 10 – 23 June, we’re keen to connect with more community energy organisations across the UK to help them grow their membership and unlock funding for the clean energy projects we so desperately need.

Get in touch with us before the end of June and we’ll even commit to a 10% discount in fees!

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