Help us to Feed the Rich!

The top 1% need our help. If working people just pull together we can ‘Feed the Rich’ and help the wealthiest in our society become even wealthier! Because they’re worth it, obviously..

Feed the Rich is our latest campaign calling for: 

  • Privatisation of key industries
  • No windfall taxes
  • Keeping tax loopholes open
  • Removal of workers’ rights 

We know people are struggling to afford even the essentials but if we all just “tighten our belts” and “budget better” then rich people can just carry on making even more profit without all this extra hassle.

If this seems laughable, that’s because it is. If the Government is making a mockery out of us, then it’s time we do the same to them.

In the midst of a Cost of Living Crisis, the UK Government has been enabling the rich to get richer whilst the rest of us struggle to afford even the bare essentials. We’re being told we need to accept we’re getting poorer because nothing can be done about it.

Is this really the case? 

As households up and down the country struggle to pay their bills, energy companies like BP and Shell are making obscene profits. In response to BP’s first quarter profits announced earlier this week, Paul Nowak, TUC general secretary said:

“These eye-watering profits are an insult to working families as millions struggle with sky-high bills. The government has left billions on the table by refusing to impose a proper windfall tax on the likes of BP.”

“We could have lower household bills and an energy system that served the public, if government taxed excessive profits, introduced a social tariff and created public ownership of new clean power.”

We couldn’t agree more. The current Conservative policies in place are not best serving the people – they are helping the (super) rich to get richer.

As your team of digital activists, we’re here to ruffle a few feathers over the coming months by holding the government to account.

We want to highlight the obscenity of the Cost of Living Crisis and expose the profound failures of the UK government by doing what Brits do best…sarcasm and satire.

This is the first time we’ve sought crowdfunding for one of our own campaigns, and basically, it’s because we’ve had enough. We don’t feel we can sit back and watch any longer as ordinary people continue to suffer whilst the super-rich profiteer and accumulate ever-greater amounts of wealth. We hope others feel the same, and get behind this campaign.

If you believe Rishi Sunak and his government should be held accountable for their failures on the Cost of Living Crisis, help us by donating to the campaign fund now.

Where your donations will go:

  • If we reach £12,000, we will launch billboards around the UK. We’ll choose the  locations where they’ll have the most impact.
  • If we reach £15,000, we will also build a campaign website.
  • If we reach £20,000, this would allow us to launch a social media ad campaign too.
  • Beyond £20,000, we want to scale up this campaign by staging murals, fake protests, projections and more.

Find out more on our Crowdfunder page

All of our campaigning activity from the social media campaign to billboards, murals and other interventions are 100% funded through this page. The more we can raise, the more we can do. It’s that simple.

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