How we’re promoting a fairer, more sustainable future with Bristol Energy Cooperative.

We’re delighted to be working with our long-standing client Bristol Energy Cooperative on their latest Share Offer – aiming to raise £1M for community-owned clean energy in our home city of Bristol.

The concept of community energy is the definition of people power! It’s the coming together of everyday people to fund clean energy projects, with the electricity produced being sold on at a heavily discounted rate. The host sites, which include places like  community centres, theatres, events venues and local businesses, can then redirect the funds they’ve saved to their core mission – benefiting the community. BEC have also directly  channeled £350,000 in surplus profits to carefully selected community benefit funds.

We’ve raised over £3 million for Bristol Energy Cooperative

When Bristol Energy Cooperative approached us to run a Share Offer in 2020, we saw them as the dream client. With impact ranging from environmental to social and energy equality, they ticked every box on our list.

Our work for BEC included full strategic consultation, from website and organisational rebrand, to content creation, social platform management and targeted advertising. Our first campaign exceeded the £2 million fundraise target.

In 2022, we were approached by BEC to be their Share Offer campaign partner once again. As the energy crisis became front page news, and the UK government stalled on climate policy, we worked with Bristol Energy Cooperative on powerful content that spoke out against the pace of action on climate change, while simultaneously providing a hopeful solution.

Our strategic approach and proactive tactics raised an incredible £1.38 million in only 6 months. These funds would enable truly innovative projects to be executed, such as The BottleYard Studios 2, believed to be the largest rooftop solar array in the country…right here in Bristol!

Bigger and bolder for community energy

Taking learnings from the previous Share Offer campaigns, this year we’ve gone bigger and bolder as news of record-setting profits by fossil fuel giants were announced. With lack of energy and climate policy consistency coming from government, we decided messaging needed to highlight the hope that community energy represented; the opportunity for people to reimagine their relationship with energy. To be participants, not just consumers.

Supported by influencers including Rob Hopkins and Molly Scott Cato, this year’s Share Offer aims to raise £1 million.

Interested in community energy and want to contribute towards a better, fairer society? Invest in the Share Offer here.

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