Support the billionaire owned press! Or don’t, and #BackTheCable instead.


Are you a fan of Murdoch’s monopoly on mainstream media?

Didn’t think so.

We’ve teamed up with The Bristol Cable, the pioneering investigative local media, to launch a new membership campaign to give corrupt media the finger🖕 and to ask YOU – the lovely people of Bristol – to #BackTheCable to keep proper journalism alive.

To kick things off, we’ve launched some (very subtle) billboards around Bristol to call out mainstream media that’s corrupted by corporate interest (who’s spotted one?!).

But that’s not all.

The future of independent, hard-hitting media in Bristol is in YOUR hands. If you are:

✅ anti-corporates
✅ anti-oligarchs
✅ anti-bullshit

Then it’s time to back #BackTheCable and become a member.

No clickbait. No pop-up ads. No spin. Just real, proper journalism. You’d be mad not to keep it alive.


Here’s three ways you can support the Bristol Cable: 

  1. Become a member for just £5 a month to help keep proper journalism alive:
  2. Share our social media assets in this folder using this hashtag: #BackTheCable
  3. Follow The Bristol Cable on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and share the content as far and wide as you can.

Impact so far:

  • The Cable reached 50% of it’s funding target from new member sign-ups in just the first few weeks of campaign activity.
  • This included multiple Patron members (their highest-tier membership).
  • The Cable’s social media impressions increased by 261.5% through organic activity alone.
  • The Cable’s social media engagements increased by 192.7%through organic activity alone.
  • The Cable received a huge spike in new Followers across their channels.

It’s been ridiculously fun working alongside the Cable team designing and activating this campaign. The work they do for Bristol deserves endless recognition and support.

Read the full case study here.

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