Oil and gas companies are paying influencers to hide the truth about their dirty business.

How are oil and gas companies combining “being green” whilst continuing to extract fossil fuels? It’s simple! They are paying influencers to hide the truth about their dirty business. 

Meet Toby Douglas: influencer, storyteller.. and ambassador for fossil fuel giants.

As the world faces record temperatures, big oil is expanding its plans for fossil fuel production whilst rolling back on climate pledges to decrease emissions. In an attempt to clean up their dirty image, the likes of Shell and BP are paying young content creators to make themselves “more relatable, passionate and authentic” and “win the trust of the younger generations.”

A recent DeSmog investigation found that Shell has been the BIGGEST employer of influencer marketing over the last seven years. From gamers to lifestyle influencers, the platforms of creators across the globe are being used to peddle a false narrative as high-carbon brands try to greenwash their image with Gen-Z.

This same generation is set to live through the very worst effects of climate change, driven by the relentless greed of fossil fuel companies who place profit over people and planet. The irony is palpable.

We’ve provided strategic advice and paid ad support to our friends at Glimpse on the ‘Use Your Influence’ campaign over the past few months to get influencers to reckon with their role in driving the climate crisis, and ditch big oil to instead deploy their creative powers for good! 

This brilliant creative from Glimpse, Will Hislop and produced by Rubber Republic has been the pièce de résistance in really driving home just how ridiculous big oil and influencer partnerships are. Give it a watch below.

As oil and gas look to recruit more influencers into marketing plans, agencies will also have a role to play in deciding whether to turn a blind-eye (afterall, they do pay the big bucks 🤑) or do the right thing and turn down working for the bad guys. We know where we stand.

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