The world has changed, but the need for doing good hasn’t.

In just a few weeks, the earth seems to have shifted under our feet. We are facing uniquely challenging times as the world rallies to respond to Covid-19, its implications reaching into every corner of our society.

We, like many teams are having to work extremely hard to adjust to these strange times we find ourselves in and to force new ways of working and collaborating. We are incredibly grateful that unlike many organisations, we are able to do what we do just as well at home from behind our laptops. We love what we do and to be able to continue that work is a privilege.

We set up If Not Now because we want to make the world a better place and to use our skills to help those that are doing just that. Nothing about that has changed. If anything, the instability we are all now feeling is driving us to be the best we can be so that we can continue to work with incredible organisations doing good in the world when the world needs it most.

Now is not a time to pause our collective work, but a time to respond more creatively, work more collaboratively, to listen and adapt more effectively – embracing and responding to disruption.

With this in mind, we are actively developing new strategies to respond to the changes that we’re going through. We have been focusing our attention on helping charities, brands and organisations move their offline campaigns to online, through creative strategies, digital campaigning and virtual activation workshops.

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What are we working on?

We recently had the pleasure to work with WWF Cymru to support their digital moment for Earth Hour 2020. With the cancellation of events across Wales and the UK, they required support with a creative idea to engage audiences in Wales with Earth Hour – the world’s biggest switch-off event. Given the current situation with Coronavirus, they moved everything to digital only for the promotion and Earth Hour itself.

We have also started working with global charity WaterAid who are re-defining their role as a global charity in response to Covid-19 by pivoting their entire strategy to focus on hygiene. We’re excited to announce that we are running a national creative campaign with WaterAid that will activate the creative community. More on this soon.

Lastly, we are also working on a new campaign that’s calling for mandatory masks laws in the UK and to empower the public to make their own masks, learn how to wear and wash them, and understand why it helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 to wear homemade masks any time you go out in public. Keep your eyes peeled for our campaign to officially launch tomorrow.

Whether you’re launching a brand-new campaign or you need help turning your offline campaign into an online movement, drop us a line to find out how we can help you navigate your digital efforts during these times.

The next few months will be tough for us all, but we have an opportunity to come out the other side as a stronger, kinder and more resilient society. Let’s make it happen.



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